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Stack and Stitch System with Standard Rails (incl.shipping)

$1,045.00 each


Stack and Stitch System with Standard Rails

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This is complete stack and stitch system built with our standard rails SR90 and our stack and stitch control modules. This package includes all rails, setup hardware and control modules. This system is intended for low magnification stack and stitch work up to 10x. It is highly recommended to use a precision rail for higher magnification work (please see our other package). This package includes the following:

  • 3x motor control module for X, Y and Z axis
  • 1x Camera control module
  • 4x 1m long RJ45 Category 5 (or 6) cables
  • 3x 12V 5A power supplies for each rail
  • 3x SR-90 standard rails
  • 2x 330mm long silver 8020 aluminum T-slot boards
  • 2x 330mm long black matte finish 8020 aluminum T-slot boards
  • 4x aluminum joint plates with five 5mm holes
  • 4x aluminum right angled brackets with two 5mm holes
  • 2x aluminum right angle joint plates with five 5mm holes
  • 1x specimen holder
  • 1x vertical mounting bar with 4 M3x18 mounting screws and washers
  • All necessary bolts and screws

Important Note: To successfully stitching stacked images, the lens used must be near telecentric.

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