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Precision RS90 P USB SET & 4x objective (incl.shipping)

$525.00 each


This is a focus stacking kit using our motion control RS90. We have 6 sets available, for USB and BLUETOOTH, android and iphone. This is our motion control rail with minimum 80mm travel distance. The rail can be controlled by either our USB based (for PC only, IPhone, Android) or our Bluetooth BLE based motion/time lapse controller for PC or Bluetooth BLE capable phones, such as iPhone, Android Phone. Smallest step on SR-90 is 1.20um.

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RS90 Professional USB Complete & 4x objective.
1x SR-90 P Rail
1x USB based motion controller
1x 12V 5A power supply
1x Camera cable of choice
1x 50x50 square camera quick release system
1x SNAPFUSE stacking software for windows
1x allumium board for attaching the stacking machine to have more stability
1 x 4X Infinite Microscope Objective

1x Shipping worldwide included in the price

Free: our flexible specimen holder designed for aluminum slots, it has two M5x6 thumb screws to make it easier to move along the T-slot

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This is a 4X infinite microscope objective, it is essentially an achromatic lens. It has NA of 0.1 and requires 180mm tube lens. Effective working distance is about 22mm (WD is 43.5mm). It is an excellent choice to start doing extreme macro using an objective.

Because it is an infinite objective, magnification can be varied by using different focal length tube lens. For example, when a 70-300 zoom lens is used as tube lens, when zoom is set at 300mm, magnification is 4x300/180 = 6.67x, when zoom is set at 100mm, magnification is 2.22X.

This item comes with RMS to selected filter thread adapter so that it can mounted in front of a tube lens. Other size filter thread needs additional ring adapter. It is ready to be used upon arrival if a tube lens with selected filter thread size is available.

This is our flexible specimen holder designed for aluminum slots, it has two M5x6 thumb screws to make it easier to move along the T-slot

This is our serial (via USB to serial controller) motion control controller. It features adjustable motor power output, camera control including focus (half press) and shutter (full press). It is designed to provide motion control of a camera such as time lapse, image duplication scanning.



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