Water drop photography

On this page you will find many tips and tricks for your water drop photography, we provide 1, 3 and 6 drop systems. See here. If you have any question please use the email form to contact us.

Did you say guaranteed splash with StackRail Waterdrop systems? Yes! This actually works for any other water drop equipment, as long as it has a digital reading, not just limited to StackRail Waterdrop systems. For beginners in water drop photography, getting the first water drop collision is very exciting, as I was, but getting collisions consistently is something many beginners struggle with and it takes some time and patience. But there is a way to do so!

It is very easy to use so you can relax and sit back because you can change parameters from few feet away from your setup using an IR remote control. And when you are ready to capture, simply press a button on the remote.

Because it comes with a 1, 3 or 6 valve controller, you can expand to more complex operations with multiple valves and bottles in the future by adding up to two more valve and bottles.

 More coming soon !