Focus Stacking ?
Focus stacking is a powerful method to extend depth of field by taking a series of images at different focal plane and use computer software to pick the sharpest part of each image for the final result. One way to acquire such series of images is by moving the camera towards or away from the subject (or by moving subject towards or away from the camera) so that different part of the subject will be in focus in each image. Then by applying computer algorithm, these images will be combined into one sharp image.

In order to move the camera (or the subject for that matter) and automate the process of image captures, an automated rail system is preferred method.
However, current products on the market are extremely expensive and many macro photographers have to do it manually which is a tedious work to do. Besides expensive rail system, good stacking software are either expensive (but really good) or difficult to use (though free).

The goal of this project is to offer macro photographers with three solid solutions for focus stacking at affordable prices and ease of use.

Open Focus Stacking Rail USB & IR Remote NEW NEW NEW.

This is an excellent rail and can be configured and tuned to be virtually wobble free. 

The rail is partially assembled and fine tuned for performance. The only part that is not assembled is that the motor is NOT attached during shipping to avoid damage. But it is easy to put the motor on, just two screws to be attached to the rail main body.

Here is the part list:

1x Camera mounting plate 

1x 50mm sqare Arca Swiss camera mount clamp (could be upgraded to a more expensive round one)

1x 12V 5A power supply

1x Rail with Nema 23 1.8 degree bi-polar motor and custom cable

1x Specimen mounting kit

1x Set of allan wrench are included for fine tuning.

1x Controller USB

1x Camera shutter cable of choice

Stackrail RS-90 P Focus Stacking Machines for USB and Bluetooth

  • RS-90P precision (400 step/rev motor), capable of up to 50x magnification work. 0.625 um per step

This is a focus stacking kit using our motion control RS90 p. We have 4 sets available, for USB and BLUETOOTH, android and iphone....This is our motion control rail with minimum 80mm travel distance. The rail can be controlled by either our USB based (for PC only) or our Bluetooth BLE based motion/time lapse controller for PC or Bluetooth BLE capable phones, such as iPhone, Android Phone. Smallest step on SR-90 is 0.625um.

NEW : Precision RS-90 P SET & Remote Controller No need for a PC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet.

This is a demonstration of focus stacking software and hardware.

This is a demonstration of using an iOS device (iPhone 4S in this case) to control our StackRail systems (SR-90, PR-18, PR-110, and other custom rails compatible with our motor drive box)

Just to show our rail in action. Lens is Laowa 60mm Macro Lens. This is exaggeration of actual stacking because there is no flash. Lens is Laowa 60mm Macro Lens.