You've come to the right place. These instructional videos will show you how to get the most from our products and instruction how to use them.....more will come soon ! Scroll down.

Just to show my rail in action. Lens is Laowa 60mm Macro Lens. This is exaggeration of actual stacking because there is no flash.

This is a demonstration of using an iOS device (iPhone 4S in this case) to control our StackRail systems (SR-90, PR-18, PR-110, and other custom rails compatible with our motor drive box)

This is a demonstration of focus stacking software and hardware.

It is easy to find a pressurized sprayer used in garden. However, because we live in different part of the world, it is impossible to get exactly same pressurized sprayer. So we need to make sure two things: first of all, the front piece can be taken off, not all pressurized sprayers have that feature. Second of all, once the front piece is taken off, we need to measure the outside diameter of nozzle of the sprayer so that we can find a suitable tube.

It is highly recommended to use silicone tube because they are elastic and flexible. To ensure secure and tight fit on both end of the tube, get a tube with smaller inside diameter. In the video, one end has 12mm outside diameter (the sprayer side) and 10mm on the valve side, but the tube has 8mm inside diameter, because silicone tube is very elastic, it can be fitted onto both securely and tightly -- very important.

Another important thing is to use a nozzle with very small output, otherwise, the pressurized jet will not be smooth and high.

It is also recommended to use silicone tube when using extended tube configuration (the second configuration in video) because of its flexibility, this way, you can move it around or bend it.