We are a group of photography enthusiasts who are passionate about anything of photography, in particulary, water drop photography, high speed photography, and macro photography.

Our passion about photography does not stop at photographying the world, we are actively inventing, building tools to further ultilize modern technologies to explore and advance photographical techniques.

Focus stacking is a powerful method to extend depth of field by taking a series of images at different focal plane and use computer software to pick the sharpest part of each image for the final result. One way to acquire such series of images is by moving the camera towards or away from the subject (or by moving subject towards or away from the camera) so that different part of the subject will be in focus in each image. Then by applying computer algorithm, these images will be combined into one sharp image.

In order to move the camera (or the subject for that matter) and automate the process of image captures, an automated rail system is preferred method. However, current products on the market are extremely expensive and many macro photographers have to do it manually which is a tedious work to do. Besides expensive rail system, good stacking software are either expensive (but really good) or difficult to use (though free).

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After extensive research and testing, the quest for the ultimate search for high performance, high precision stacking rail has been found -- using THK KR2001 industrial rails. This rail is an off the shelf rail and is widely used in industrial automation. Best of all, there are plenty of surplus supply of this rail on eBay for reasonable price. This kit offers what are needed to convert THK KR2001 series rail into a stacking rail for its precision and stability. Here are list of included components
1x Camera mount block
2x Base stand to mount the rail on other surfaces such as 2080 aluminum T-slot boards
1x Nema 17 motor mount plate
1x Aluminum Coupler
1x Nema 17, bi-polar 400 steps/rev precision step motor
1x Camera quick release clamp and plate.
1 set of allen wrenches
1 set of necessary stainless screws.
Options: If the rail you purchased does not have the carriage block, it is available for purchase. If you need to mount this rail on a 2080 T-slot board, it is also available. Both items can be found in our Gears section
We will also offer brand new compatible rail as well as surplus one in near future.