We are a group of photography enthusiasts who are passionate about anything of photography, in particulary, water drop photography, high speed photography, and macro photography.

Our passion about photography does not stop at photographying the world, we are actively inventing, building tools to further ultilize modern technologies to explore and advance photographical techniques.

Focus stacking is a powerful method to extend depth of field by taking a series of images at different focal plane and use computer software to pick the sharpest part of each image for the final result. One way to acquire such series of images is by moving the camera towards or away from the subject (or by moving subject towards or away from the camera) so that different part of the subject will be in focus in each image. Then by applying computer algorithm, these images will be combined into one sharp image.

In order to move the camera (or the subject for that matter) and automate the process of image captures, an automated rail system is preferred method. However, current products on the market are extremely expensive and many macro photographers have to do it manually which is a tedious work to do. Besides expensive rail system, good stacking software are either expensive (but really good) or difficult to use (though free).

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Butterfly wing 20x magnification using PR110

When you do extreme macro, we all want to get even closer, well we did, check out these butterfly wings, isnt that amazing !!! We shot this using our PR110 machine.

This is our high precision motion control rail with maximum of 110mm travel distance. This rail is an industrial strength rail with tight specifications. It features dual precision linear guide rails inside housing to provide high level of axial stability, precision ball screw, precision 400 step motor and a cover to protect it from dusts.
It is capable of submicron movements down to 0.3125um. This motion control rail can be controlled by our USB (for PC) or Bluetooth BLE based (for PC and Bluetooth equipped phones, such as iPhone or Android Phone) motion controller with proper software. See our PR110 machine here: PR110 stacking machine


1) Butterfly Wing Scales
2) Camera : Canon 600D
3) Lens : N/A
4) Other : Raynox 150 as tube lens
5) M/Obj : Olympus MSPlan ULWD 20X 0.40NA
6) Magnification: 20x
7) Lens Settings: ISO-100
8) Stack # : 61 at 1.25 um step size
9) Lighting : 2 strobes on each side
10) Note : StackRail PR-110, Zerene Stacker, Photoshop